Farming Alpaca Southland


Native to South America and highly treasured for their soft and silky fleeces, farmed alpacas are now thriving in many other climates including southern New Zealand.

With a background interest in rare breeds conservation and fibre arts and crafts, it was inevitable to fall in love with alpaca fleece at first touch. We got our first alpacas in 1996.

Now on our small lifestyle block we offer a wide range of alpacas for sale and are building a cottage industry creating yarn and accessories from our own alpaca fleeces.

Alpaca fiber is soft and light and very warm and strong.

Both types of alpaca fleece - huacaya and suri - are luxurious to spin, knit, crochet, weave, and wear.

Huacaya alpaca and its finely crimped fleece


Suri alpaca and its long lustrous silky locks  



for spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, ready to wear, or special gifts